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It's time to level up and outsource your tax prep!

We promise tax time doesn't have to be
stressful and challenging!

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❌ Waiting weeks for your tax pro to respond to your questions
❌ Waiting months to have your returns prepared after providing your documents
❌ Finding mistakes or wondering if everything is accurate


✅ 48 hour response times to any and all inquiries
✅ 3 week preparation times
✅ A caring team
✅ Accurate returns you can rely on


Uncover The Tara CPA Firm difference...

Partner with The Tara CPA Firm

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Lite Tax Strategy

Best for CEO Mom Service Providers approaching or just passing the six figure mark! Receive the foundational guidance to decrease overall taxes paid in an easy-to-digest, approachable manner.


Essential Tax Strategy

Best for CEO Mom Service Providers hitting the multi-six figure mark! If you're ready to get serious about elevated tax planning and keeping more of this money you're making, this is for you.


Concierge Tax Strategy

Reserved for CEO Mom Service Providers nearing or over the half-a-million mark! For those CEO Moms who are ready for a fully customized tax plan with dedicated, high touch support, this is for you.

You have questions, we have answers.

Does tax preparation include strategy and planning?

Tax preparation is just that - preparing your income tax returns accurately and timely. If you're in need of creative strategies to reduce your taxes, we recommend booking a strategy call, half VIP day or working with us on a monthly tax strategy retainer package.

What is the online portal?
Is it easy to use?

Whether you need to access your tax documents on the go, take a picture of a document on your phone or send us a message instantly, we have you covered. Our portal is secure to protect your highly sensitive information and even has an app for you to communicate with us via your mobile phone. Rest comfortably knowing you can use our online storage to keep your documents organized and secure!

What is included in tax preparation?

Our team will take care of ensuring we have all of the documents and answers we need from you to accurately prepare your returns. We make sure they are filed on time, but don't worry if you need to extend - we'll have you covered there, too!

Additional Questions? Simply reply to the video above
and a member from our team will be happy tp help you!

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