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Ready to unlock the tax savings you deserve while having a true partner and ongoing relationship with your CPA?

Join our community of satisfied customers and retain the Tara CPA Firm for your tax strategy services today! 

Fast Action Bonus #1: Q3 Tax Estimate Calculation + Call with Kimberly (Value: $550) 

(Valid for those who sign up by September 13th at 11:59pm CST)​​

A 60-minute call on September 14 directly with Kimberly to review and calculate your Q3 estimated tax payment amount. Payments are due on September 15, so let’s tackle yours together! An exclusive call only for those who partner with us before the deadline!

Here’s what you can accomplish during this time together:

✨No more guessing
✨A qualified expert doing ‘the math’ for  you 😉
✨Feel confident that you’re caught up on your tax payments for 2023 - i.e. no surprise bills come tax time!
✨Understand your net taxable income amount
✨Be ready to make that payment - no questions asked - without underpaying OR overpaying 


Fast Action Bonus #2: 50 min 2023 1:1 Emergency Tax Savings Strategy Call with Kimberly (Value: $6,000)

 (Valid for those who sign up by September 19th at 11:59pm CST)

You’ll have a back pocket 1:1 session (50 minutes) that you can book during October or November to receive extra support and dedicated consulting on your 2023 tax strategy. 


Don’t wait until the year is over to realize that you’re going to owe a lot more in taxes than you expected. Take advantage of the remaining months in 2023 - and our expertise - to proactively lower your tax bill and keep more money in your pocket this year!

Uncover The Tara CPA Firm difference...

Partner with The Tara CPA Firm

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Lite Tax Strategy

Best for CEO Mom Service Providers approaching or just passing the six figure mark! Receive the foundational guidance to decrease overall taxes paid in an easy-to-digest, approachable manner.


Essential Tax Strategy

Best for CEO Mom Service Providers hitting the multi-six figure mark! If you're ready to get serious about elevated tax planning and keeping more of this money you're making, this is for you.


Concierge Tax Strategy

Reserved for CEO Mom Service Providers nearing or over the half-a-million mark! For those CEO Moms who are ready for a fully customized tax plan with dedicated, high touch support, this is for you.

You have questions, we have answers.

What is tax reduction strategy?

As a Certified Tax Coach (in addition to being a CPA), we are uniquely positioned to bring you the most advantageous strategies to assist you in reducing your overall tax liability. These are ethical, legal and IRS-approved strategies that you can implement in your business so you can maximize your income. With our advanced tax planning, your savings will be more than our fees. As your business is rapidly growing and evolving, we'll walk side-by-side with you to ensure you're not overpaying in taxes.

What is tax research?

While we stay extremely up-to-date with tax laws and new changes, sometimes there's a strategy that requires us to do a little more digging. We're happy to roll up our sleeves, put on our reading glasses and nerd out on the tax law so that we can properly advise you.

Do I need tax deadline reminders?

Yes, let our team take the mental load off of you. You have other work to do! We will ensure you are aware of tax deadlines with multiple reminders with plenty of enough time to execute payments and filings.

What can I expect from phone, email and / or chat support?

We are here year round! We've heard far too many horror stories of business owners not hearing back from their tax professionals and that is just unacceptable to us. We are here to support you and respond to your questions timely, efficiently and thoroughly.

Do I have to receive the newsletters and alerts?

Definitely not, though we highly encourage it. We will of course always notify you individually if a tax law change is specifically pertinent to you and your business, but we highly recommend you read our newsletters to stay up-to-date. We promise they are not written in technical tax jargon and won't be too hard on your eyes.

What are the perks of being on a monthly retainer with the firm?

You will receive high priority for booking time on our calendars or requesting additional services. All monthly retainer clients also receive a 10% discount on any other service provided by the firm that you might need from time-to-time, such as prior-year tax returns not being filed or a consult call for discussing a sale of your business. 

What is included in tax preparation?

Our team will accurately prepare your business and personal tax returns each tax season. Don't worry if you need to extend - we'll have you covered there, too!

Do I need tax deadline reminders?

Yes, let our team take the mental load off of you. You have other work to do! We will ensure you are aware of tax deadlines with multiple reminders with plenty of enough time to execute payments and filings.

What is tax account monitoring and notice responses?

From time-to-time, the IRS might send you a notice requesting information or indicating a discrepancy between what you reported and what the IRS received. We are here to assist you in reviewing and responding to these notices at no additional cost.

How do the 'check ins' work?

We'll meet monthly or quarterly (based on your plan) for 30 min to ensure your tax reduction plan is being fully maximized.        

What does 'communication with other advisors' mean?

Anyone from a bookkeeper to a financial advisor is a critical component to your financial health and business success. We are happy to communicate directly with these other professional advisors (with your express permission) so that you don't get bogged down in the financial talk.

What is the online portal? Is it easy to use?

Whether you need to access your tax documents on the go, take a picture of a document on your phone or send us a message instantly, we have you covered. Our portal is secure to protect your highly sensitive information and even has an app for you to communicate with us via your mobile phone. Rest comfortably knowing you can use our online storage to keep your documents organized and secure!

Questions? Email us at

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