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Our Services

The new wave of financial wellness is in town. 

Who should work with Kimberly & The Tara CPA Firm?

Around here, we’re about building true partnerships. If you’re a business owner ready to feel seen, heard, and understood when it comes to your financial wellness, then we’re the firm for you. You’ll never be left in the dark about your tax and financial strategies.

Together, we’ll: 

✓ Build the foundations of your business’ finances to minimize income tax while maximizing profits 

Align your personal and business financial goals to craft a unique roadmap to success

Streamline your financial and tax practices to save that “oh, no!” moment when April rolls around

Throughout our history of working together, Kimberly has continously served as a resource, sounding board, and friend, making the experience a truly one-if-a-kind relationship. I trust her implicitly to advse me professionally and personally. Her attention to detail and drive to educate herself and delve into new tax law implications and situations sets her apart from all the rest!
~Tara Waldron
Which package best describes your business?



Our Lite Package is best for business owners looking for support as they begin their tax planning journey. This package is structured to provide foundational guidance to decrease overall taxes paid and maximizing revenue.


Best Fit For:

  • entrepreneurs ready to start building wealth

  • businesses with annual revenues between $60k - $200k

  • taxpayers with only 1-2 income streams



Our Premium Package is reserved for clients looking for the highest support from Kimberly Tara. This package is structured to provide long term advisory support with our executed done-for-you services and customized tax plans.


Best Fit For:

  • established business owners looking to up-level their wealth building strategy

  • businesses with annual revenues of $500,000 plus

  • taxpayers with multiple income streams continuing to expand

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At The Tara CPA Firm, we don’t believe in competition.

We strive to be a business partner, a resource and a friend to our clients. Our mission is to help business owners grow and prosper while always maintaining our core values of family, trust, ongoing education and a welcoming environment.

Your success is our success.


As women, and especially as mothers, we have a responsibility to lift each other up. I started this firm because I wanted to offer a different kind of service. I was tired of the typical male-dominated, ego-centric financial industry and wanted a place where women, mothers and business owners could feel safe while going through one of the most vulnerable processes: tax time. 


We go above and beyond to not only help you during tax season, but to give you proactive advice and strategies to help you earn more while keeping more. 

I’m not just a CPA. I’m also a Certified Tax Coach


...which means I will provide you with a plan of court-tested, IRS-approved strategies to minimize your taxes.Many others in my field will simply settle for after-the-fact planning. Too often, that means outdated information, nasty surprises on April 15th, and zero feeling of control. We don’t do that here. Instead, we provide ongoing consulting and proactive solutions. That means you get to enjoy total confidence in knowing you pay the least amount of tax possible while working to achieve your dreams—both personal & professional. 

Office Desk
These aren’t cookie-cutter strategies recycled from client to client, year after year. 

These are customized action plans and strategies with only one goal in mind: to ensure you reduce your tax bill as much as possible to keep the maximum amount of profit. We don’t do your taxes and disappear. Tax time isn’t really something that happens once a year — tax time is all the time, and we’re here to support you in that.

Working with Kimberly empowered me to be less nervous about the financials aspects of managing a growing firm, made me more confident in our potential, and this has tremendously increased our profitability.
~Lisa Chmiola, Fablanthropy LLC
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