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Knowledge is Power: The Top 6 Business Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

I used to love reading. Then I had kids. I still had some time to read after our first was born, but our second child was born 22 months later and with 2 kids under 2 plus a full time, growing business, there was no amount of motivation at night that could help me read the books piling up on my nightstand.

During the fall of 2020, I started working with a business coach who required (okay, strongly suggested but to my enneagram 3 self that meant required 😉) me to read one of the books on this list. I told her that would never happen as we now had 3 kids under the age of 4. She suggested Audible, so I decided to give it a shot. I put the book on 1.8x and my life has been forever changed!

I now buy Audible credits in an annual plan of 24. I am finally able to read again! It's incredible because I just love learning. I can get through a few books a month, since I listen on a faster speed. Over the last 3 years, I've listened to over 50 books on Audible - both personal and professional - and now, I'm sharing my top 6 books that every entrepreneur - especially CEO Moms - should read (or listen to). I also highly recommend this order!

This book truly changed my life and what I realized I was capable within my business - even as a mom to little kids! I reread it every single year because it's that impactful and I want the reminder!

I love how this book puts into words how I show up in life and business. I always believe there is a solution and embrace tackling things head on. Everything is figureoutable and this book does a great job of bringing it all together.

If you've ever heard the phrase "zone of genius," this is where it's coming from. I remember listening to this book while evacuating from a hurricane, and I came back with an 'aha moment' after figuring out why there are so many tasks in my business I don't like - and why that's okay.

This book is frequently on must-read lists, and it should be. It teaches you how to take small, bite-size actions to implement habits in your life, how to avoid the bad and embody the disciplined, motivated person that you deeply desire.

To me, this is the sequel to The Big Leap even though they're written by different authors. Once you realize what's not in your zone of genius and why you shouldn't be doing those tasks, it's time to lean into figuring out who can help you instead of how you can learn to do it or psych yourself into liking those tasks. Time is money - or time is time away from my kids - and I've been really leaning into who can help me get it done faster and better!

I will say that I do not follow this book to a 'T,' but it really got me thinking about just how far away 12 months is when you're planning in your business - especially when you have kids at home! We definitely plan in 12 week increments now (you'll also hear a lot about '90 day planning' out there) and not only does it feel more achievable, but it doesn't seem like "it's so far away" anymore.

*Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be tax advice. This is not an all-inclusive list of business advice. Different rules may apply to each individual taxpayer’s specific situation. Please consult with your accountant. May contain affiliate links.

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